Mobile Homes

The accommodation is in habitation modules "mobile homes" of european type equipped with every comfort (tv, air conditioning, etc. ): with bedroom with double bed (140 cm bed. ), bedroom up to 3 beds, living room with fully equipped kitchen, bathroom with shower comfortable, furnished patio, outdoor area with the showerhead.

All units have a spectacular sea view and reserved parking place facing the house.

Guests enjoy access to the sea with private solarium area equipped with "breathtaking" view . There are pedestrian paths in nature for 2 Km and more, and you can "touch" the cultivation of vegetables (whole areas there are dedicated) rigidly "bio" and, in appropriate time periods, participate in the collection of the olives.

A cozy tent constitutes a meeting place and meeting place for the tasting of typical products of the earth treated according to the ancient local traditions. The narrowness of the number of residential units (only 20 in an area of approximately five hectares) is the guarantee of peace of mind and of exclusivity for a limited number of guests.

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