The territory

The village is in full National Park of Cilento and Vallo di Diano, Unesco site. This is a large area characterized by extraordinary naturalistic is rich in history and culture.

There are many places of art in the Park, among which should certainly be mentioned three cultural attractors of national and international importance: the archaeological area of Paestum , with the three Doric temples and the National Museum; the excavations of Velia, the ancient Elea greek colony, which hosted the famous Eleatic School, where they taught the philosophers Zenone and Parmenides, the Certosa di Padula, the largest architectural complex in the South of Italy.

The Park stretches along the coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea with rolling hills, covered with expanses of olive trees that are reflected in clear sea, but includes an internal area rich of rugged landscapes, rich streams, woods of chestnut and oak trees with the countries clinging to the rocks or nestle on the banks of rivers.

The enchanting medieval villages in the outback, as well as those close to the beautiful beaches, are true jewels that preserve ancient farming traditions, from music to the uses and crafts, with a rich and varied gastronomic offer that offers pasta, olive oil, wine, figs, artichokes, beans, meats, anchovies, cheese, mozzarella, chestnuts and of course, every skill of the mare.molti of these foods takes pride of trademarks DOP and IGP, and find full exaltation in the many festivals that are organized in locations such as old town districts or areas that are equipped in beautiful woodlands.

The farmers till have developed over the centuries that food system that the nutritionist american Keys has designed and coded with the name of Mediterranean diet. Those who choose to stay here has therefore only the embarrassment of the choice, deciding to simply enjoy the peace of mind, the sea and the nature of the place, or live actively the peculiarity of the territory. The destinations closer from the village are:


Medieval village known as City of the olive oil that lies on a hill covered with lush olive groves. The Municipality comprises Marina of Pisciotta, seaside village where it is still practiced the ancient fishing of anchovies so=called "menaica", a network left to drift that allows the selection of fish, and a special processing which extracts to obtain products more delicate and tasty. Visitors can participate in the night fishing, taste the typical local restaurants the fresh anchovies and salted or buying them by the fishermen.


It is one of the most famous locality of Campania, with its crystal clear sea. Wide, sandy beaches alternate with rocky sections accessible only by sea which hide wonderful corners such as the beach of the Good sleep or the fascinating caves of Capo Palinuro, a true paradise for divers. The clefts of the rocks of Capo Palinuro grows the primula, symbol of the National Park of Cilento. They deserve to be visited the beach of the Natural Arch and that of the Salt Pans, besides a beautiful town with the course always very busy, full of restaurants, ice cream parlors and shops.

San Severino di Centola

It is a medieval village abandoned place on a cliff close to the river Mingardo, next to what is called the Devil's throat. Stroll among the ruins of the ancient settlement has a charm peerless.


Camerota, together with its fractions Lentiscosa, Licusati and especially Marina di Camerota and over the years become one of the most famous destinations of the Cilento. The number, the quality and variety of beaches and enviable, with fine sand and white or with small pebbles, with small coves with beautiful backdrops but also with long beaches most suitable for families. The fishing village is also equipped with a characteristic port from which you can embark to participate in the characteristic call fishing Lamparata or for fantastic excursions by sea that it reach places unique and exclusive, among them is the renowned Baia degli Infreschi. In other words those who want to spend good time outcomes enjoying full advantage of the sea of the Cilento can not make a stop in Marina di Camerota.


Morigerati and a small village of medieval origin has become country hotel, situated halfway between the sea and the highest mountains of the National Park of Cilento. In addition to the beautiful urban center to make an interesting visit to Morigerati and the spectacular nature in which it is immersed, the flower in the eyelet is represented by the Oasis of the WWF "Caves of Bussento", more than 600 hectares of protected nature with nature trails enviable, between trails, river, trees, caves, springs, canyons, wooden bridges, stone roads and staircases, particular flora and fauna..

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